Breast Reduction

A large mammary gland (macromastia) appears mostly during juvenile age and should then be corrected operatively. Macromastia can lead to psychological problems such as uncertainty and inferiority feelings, but also organic alterations can appear in connection with a macromastia (e.g., tense muscles at the back, faulty posture, local inflammation).

A clear distinction between an aesthetic and a medical indication is difficult, but in case of extraction quantities of 400 g per breast health insurance companies accept a medical indication and take over the costs.

As a rule, breast reduction is carried out under general anaesthesia and various techniques are applied. The surgery includes the removal of skin and parts of the mammary gland. A post-operative hospitalisation is required for 1 to 2 days.

In contrary to breast reduction, no mammary gland tissue will be removed in case of pure liftoperations. The techniques of accessing the area for operation are similar to those chosen for a reduction surgery. The mammary gland will simply be fixed at a higher position and the covering skin will be removed as necessary.