Breast Augmentation

Normally, breast augmentation is carried out with the aid of implants.

Owing to the defects that can arise during the extraction and the expanded scars that might occur, the use of autotissue for breast augmentation can only be an appropriate way of action in special individual cases or in connection with reconstruction after a mammary carcinoma.

The implant will be inserted through a small cut in the skin either underneath the breast, at the edge of the papilla of the breast or in the armpit. The implant can be located either above or underneath the thoracic muscles. The choice of the location strongly depends on the individual conditions.

The surgery will be carried out under general anaesthesia and hospitalisation for 1 to 2 days is necessary unless the patient lives close enough to the clinic to attend the daily checks from home. Under these circumstances the surgery can also be performed out-patient.

You can find further information regarding this issue in an article written by Dr. Wagner, published in “Medicine and Beauty”.