Autohair Transplantation

Despite various procedures for implantation (hollow drill, slit technique, laser), modern hair surgery ows its actual progress to the preparation of miniature transplants.

A strip of skin in the shape of an ellipse will be taken from the hairy back of the head. Its size is roughly as large as the amount of transplants needed for the receiving area. After a careful occlusion, the area of extraction is later hardly visible.

The strip of skin will be divided into miniature transplants. These will then be implanted into the scalp via miniature incisions according to the direction of hair growth.

The surgery will be performed out-patient under local anaesthesia. Physiologic saline and adrenaline will be injected into the areas where the operation will be performed in order to minimise the bleeding.

The main indication area is androgenetic hair loss.

You can find further information regarding this issue in an article written by Dr. Wagner, published in “Medicine and Beauty”.