The Munich Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery is definitely not suitable for problem solving, even if the spirit of the times is implying this sometimes.

The psyche cannot be treated with the scalpel, but – and this is quite a lot – successful aesthetic surgery can give the patient that kind of self-assurance, which is nearly always linked with an enhancement of quality of life, success in ones career or social acceptance.

The correct indication and a realistic expectation by the patient who needs to be prepared appropriately by receiving detailed information are the indispensable preconditions for a successful operation.

We are pleading for aesthetic surgery with perceptiveness, which is oriented towards the overall personality of the patient as well as keeping in mind what is technically feasible. Surgery at all costs cannot be the target of treatment.

Our performance range covers the entire field of aesthetic surgery. We carry out operations according to state-of-the-art international standards.

The head of this private hospital is specialised in surgery and plastic surgery and has many years of experience in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Our operation theatre has been planned according to most modern aspects. It is equipped with appropriate air-condition and maintenance of ambient quality. The rooms are quiet and sunny and each has a bathroom and toilet of its own.

Room Amenities


Non smoking rooms – single bed

Wi-Fi Internet access



Bathroom with shower / WC



24h care

Air Condition

Direct dial telephone

Direct parking

We are happy to come negotiable also separate requirements.